A New Purpose

A New Purpose

With the 17yr cicada brood singing and flying and mating and dying all over the neighborhood I found a way to keep a bit of the memory in a way that (hopefully) won’t make people scream in fear when they come in contact (as many have done when a cicada lands on them). May I present “Cicada”…my nod to the creatures who are so fascinating to many and the subject of nightmares for many others! It is a mixed media canvas using a bit of “this & that” from my studio. Paint, inks, glue, rubber stamps, a canvas (obviously), and a new product for me to work with: Delight Air Dry Compound.

In May I became a design member for Creative Paperclay. In that role I will create 1 tutorial and 1 tip each month using either Creative Paperclay or Delight Air Dry compound. This week, I chose the Delight Clay to create. It is super lightweight and easy to texture and color. The lovely clouds in the sky, trunks of the palm trees, and ground are all the result of my experiments with the material.

Look closely at the tops…YES, the lovely palm fronds are created from wings collected from multiple creatures who have visited my home (never fear, no LIVE cicadas lost their wings for the creation of this project!). The veining in the wings is so pretty that it had to be used in some artsy way. I was able to strengthen the fragile nature for this project by carefully painting a 2-part epoxy resin on the back of each wing before placing them on the “tree trunk”. Another thin coating on the top then sealed them together.

Watch for the simple tutorial tomorrow at http://creativepaperclay.blogspot.com/


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