Let’s all Run Amuck!

Let's all Run Amuck!

Saturday my children and I participated in a crazy 5k called Run Amuck. It is put on by the Marine Corp Marathon people (Hi Tami!). Last year my 2 girls participated and convinced me to do it this year. Once my son Patrick came home from his AmeriCorps stint, he signed on as well.

A week before the event I tweaked my back in one of those events that makes you “might’ be getting a bit older. Bummer…I figured no mud run for me.

BUT no worries. With the help of friends and others who gave me exercises to stretch and advice on how much Motrin I could consume at one time I began to feel better. So much better that when I went to pick up our race supplies (t-shirt & number) I decided (in my infinite wisdom) to participate in the mini run (only 1.5 miles). The obstacles looked much more feasible to do and I knew that not being 100% I would never be able to complete the course and the marines would probably have to scrape me up and carry me off…..

Race day came. Patrick decided to accompany me on the mini-run. Katie took off in the first group at 8am…Sarah decided to run with a couple of friends and they left around 9am. Patrick and I waited at the finish line for Katie to take pictures of her finish & to hand off the bag filled with everyone’s cameras, phones, and shoes. Surprisingly, about 45 minutes to an hour later along came Katie, covered head to toe in mud. So much for girlie girls…I have girls who are not afraid to get a little dirty 🙂


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