Run AMuck, Part 2

Run AMuck, Part 2

With Katie back from her run, Patrick and I went to the start. Funny as it sounds the run started with a bouncy house complete with pegs to climb through and “hills” to climb over. Out of the house, we had a field to run across. I quickly discovered that running hurt my back and I decided to speed walk the course instead (no bouncing).

1.5 miles isn’t very far…figured we would complete it pretty quickly. But along the way we climbed through metal tubes, rappelled down a steep hill only to climb back up the other side on concrete steps, did push-ups, climbed over a wall and dropped on the other side (probably not the best thing to do in hindsight), and of course made our way through mud…LOTS of mud.

Since the mini run was the last group to go, we had about 3000-4000 people run the course ahead of us, making sure the mud was nice & deep (think quicksand pulling your shoes) and the hills extra slippery. Thankfully when we got to the hills they had a built in mesh of rope so you could grab and pull yourself up the hill in some spots as others were sliding back down past you! On the other side everyone basically surfed their way down to the bottom only to meet another hill to climb. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun (hehe). The final hill wound snakelike down to the finish line, where we found Katie waiting for us.


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