New Addiction!

New Addiction!

I recently joined an “Inchie” swap, pieces of artwork 1″x1″. The requirements were simple: 1) Join 1-8 groups with 12 participants each. 2) Create a set of inchies for each group. and 3) Each creation must be at least 75% polymer clay (obviously a polymer clay swap). I figured what did I have to loose. Collecting bits of artwork from multiple talented artists?? Quite the no-brainer for me, so of course I jumped in with both feet and signed up for 4 groups!

As soon as I got started on my first batch of inchies I knew I would need to sign up for more! It is both a challenge and a joy to make these. Do I make them flat? textured? patterned? add bling (well that is a silly question!)…so many possibilities that I signed up for 2 more groups!

I cannot share all of the designs just yet. We are supposed to keep them as a surprise until August. What I will give you is a preview of a design in process. The set pictured began as textured clay. I then added a cane slice to each and a bit of bling to highlight the center. I thought this would be the end, but no! The clay called me back to add a teeny, tiny scrolled heart detail (remember each of these is 1″x1″). Time will tell if this is the final detail.

**FYI for non-clayers: A cane is created from layers of polymer clay to create a pattern. Manipulation of the layers help to create OOAK designs that can be sliced and used as desired.**

Be sure to check back in August to see all of my designs. What will I do with all of these? Well that is a question/project for a future post!


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