Nothing Like a Good Belly Laugh

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Ever have one of those times that you started laughing and could NOT stop, no matter how much you tried? Last night I had one of those times. While watching tv with my girls, we bounced back and forth between “The Lake House” and “20 Funniest Commercials”. A commercial called “Ice Scraping” came on. When it got to the end the funny bone got hit…and I started laughing. Not just a little laugh, the kind that had me wiping away the tears and snorting (much to my dismay!). When I finally got myself under control, my husband Kevin walked in to say goodnight. I started to tell him about the commercial and the laughter started all over again!! Of course the girls were in hysterics because I was in hysterics…Sarah decided to make a video (I have yet to see that one!)

I pulled up the “Ice Scraping” video this morning and it didn’t have quite the same effect. Guess I was all laughed out last night….or it could have been the wine I was taste testing for our trip. 😉


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