Book Review: Polymer Clay Art Jewelry



I have been working with polymer clay for almost 20yrs.  Needless to say I have accumulated multiple books in that time, weeding out as I added new ones.  A few have become favorites that will always stay in my studio bookcase at the “ready” for ideas, techniques, and just plain enjoyment.  I now have a new favorite to add to my bookcase.

Polymer Clay Art Jewelry” by Ilysa Ginsburg & Kira Slye is a wonderful book!  From the moment I opened it, I found new ways of working with this medium that I love.  One of my favorite projects is the Stone Posey Brooch.  I can see many applications for the ideas and techniques used in this particular piece and I must admit that it is the one piece that convinced me to get the book.  I fell in love with the simplicity of the design and wanted to discover how it was created.  As I continued reading through the book I found more pieces that spoke to me: mixed media with paper and clay, beads and clay, powders, crystals…I could go on and on!

Another favorite that I am itching to try is the “She Ain’t No Ball and Chain Bracelet”.  Created from clay, beads, and ball chain it is a beautiful creation that would compliment many outfits and occasions.  Although the one in the book is made in silver, I can see multiple color applications for the basic design.

The “Capture and Rapture Necklace” has a pattern choice and technique that had me going “Duh!  why didn’t I think of that before?!”  LOVE!!

Needless to say, I think this is a must have book for any clayer, newbie on up.  Thank you Ilysa & Kira for a fabulous addition to my book collection.  I know it will soon be dog-eared 😉


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