A Look Into The Designer Mind: part 2

banner sketchWith the body of my banner “completed” I moved onto the wording.  I wanted something that worked with the light, airy feel of a butterfly in the sky.  I thought of pulling from my immense rubber stamp stash, but quickly discovered after experimenting with various sizes and fonts that it was looking much too heavy for my vision.  I went to look at my original sketch for inspiration and it hit me (WHAM!)  Why not use my own handwriting for the wording.  There obviously are no hard edges to my letters (I have often been teased about my handwriting), instead they flow from print to cursive and back again.  PERFECT!  Using thin snakes of clay I tried at first to form the letters directly on the paper.  That was quickly discounted as the letters kept moving around as I tried to form them.  I grabbed my trusty sheet of glass and placed it over the sketch.  This made the letters much easier to form as I was able to stick the pieces to the glass as I curved and looped and cut each component.   IMG_2834  Once complete, the glass was able to be popped into the oven for baking without disturbing the letters.  After baking and cooling, I was able to remove the components easily and place them on the canvas.  IMG_2835  I found a beaded flower trim in my stash that filled in a blank spot along the bottom.  Adding a second piece to the top creates a frame of sorts.  Something that wasn’t in the original version, but I think I like it.

Okay, time to attach all of the components.  As I step back to make a final evaluation of the design I am struck by the thought that it looks a bit “kindergarten” art-ish.  Not the look that I want to send out to have displayed.  Hmmmmmm, what could be wrong.  What could I change.  I decide to go to bed and let the thoughts mull over night.  Hopefully a fresh look at the piece will bring clarity.

Never let it be said that a good night’s sleep is a waste of time.  I woke in the morning after seeing a vision of the completed piece complete with a dreamlike face rather than the button eyes and kissy lips!  To my studio I flew….

Pull out the face molds, create a few versions, bake them, test them and (once again) VIOLA!!  Exactly what I wanted for a light, easy, breezy butterfly with big dreams.  IMG_2837  IMG_2836  I scattered a couple of tiny clay butterflies and FINALLY the banner was finished.  All clay components were attached using liquid clay applied to the back of each component and pressed into place on the banner.  After baking and cooling the canvas banner, I glued her body and the flower trim in place.

I wish I were going to be at CHA to see the banners hung, but a trip in January is not in the cards this year.  Hopefully friends will post a few pictures for me (hint, hint).  I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with the project!

I hope you enjoyed your journey into my scattered mind.  See you next time.  Happy Crafting to you 😀



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