Wild Child Pin Upgrade!

I have been teaching polymer clay classes to children in an after-school program for 12 yrs now.  One of their favorite mixed media projects is the “Wild Child” pin.  They love the fibers, the patterns, and how each one is completely unique.  Since working with the Sin City design team I have been revamping some of the old projects.  What if I added wings to these babies??  Wonder what the kids would think of that possibility for further expression??  Here are a few of the steps with the addition of wings.  You will have to let me know what you think 🙂

“Wild Child” starts with wire and rug yarn (yes, rug yarn!)  ImageYears ago I saved these packages from the clearance section of a craft store.  I wasn’t sure what would come of them, but knew that they could help to create something fun.  Then I saw a metal cloisonné pin at a “Friends of the Library” event.  Each pin was a person with wild, wired hair…WHAMMO!!  Went home and whipped the first of these off!ImageLong pieces of scrap wire are twist around a bunch of “hair” to hold it together.  Then the wire is divided into body parts and twisted together to form an armature.  The armature is first wrapped with the skin color of choice and smoothed together.  A ball becomes the face.  Details are added with tiny bits of clay for the ears and nose.  Believe it or not, the mouth and eyes are formed using a coffee stirrer (straw)!  Then the fun begins.  Bits and pieces of polymer clay canes, texture, dots, etc. bring the child to life.  Once complete, bake at 275 degrees for 30-45 minutes (depending upon the thickness). Image


I am always looking for new ways to create.  Looking at the Sin City Stamps website (www.sincitystamps.com) I discovered an angel wing rubber stamp (http://www.sincitystamps.com/index.php/art-rubber-stamps-2013-11-27/fantasy-fairies-blossoms-art-rubber-stamps/wings-2013-12-30-2013-12-30–detail) as well as a gorgeous dragonfly (http://www.sincitystamps.com/index.php/art-rubber-stamps-2013-11-27/animals-insects-stamps/pam-bray-s-dragonfly-detail).  What if they were added to the “Wild Child’ pin…wouldn’t that be fun?  First stop, clay table.  Roll out Pearl Premo!Sculpey polymer clay.  Polymer clay can be stamped and will hold the image beautifully.

ImageImage I pull out ColorBox archival ink from my stash and ink each image.  The ink will dry quickly.  Once dry, an Exacto knife is used to cut out the wings.  For the dragonfly you can see that I only stamped the wings as this is the only part I wish to use (this time).

ImageThe angel wings are perfect in pearl, but the dragonfly wings need color.  I go to the stash once more and pull out Petal Point chalk ink and dab a variety of colors until pleased with the look.  Bake wings at 275 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  Let cool and then glue wings in place.  Add a pin to the back and your “wild child” is ready to fly!  Image

I hope you have enjoyed journey into my craft stash.  Go peek into your own.  You never know what might emerge 🙂

This post is my entry for the “Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challnege”  Be sure to check it out at http://gloriadesignschallenge.blogspot.com/     Image































16 thoughts on “Wild Child Pin Upgrade!

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  2. Well, now that is a clever way to use the stamps as wings, TFS you Wild Child Pins with us and participating in the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge Blog.

  3. As soon as I saw these “Fairy Wild Child” dolls, I got a big smile on my face! They are adorable! Super fun! I am so happy to have you be part of our Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge this month!

  4. Thanks for sharing your stash with us…..your “wild children” are adorable. Karen, so cleaver, love how you stamped on the lace. Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  5. These are so cute! Thanks for joining us on the blog hop today. It has been so much fun having you with us this month!

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