Wedding Couple: a flashback brought forward

Years ago I participated in the craft show “circuit” from September-December and then for about a month in the spring.  One of the favorite custom pieces that I created was a wedding couple for the top of the cake or as a table decoration.  I made multiples over the years, each a unique keepsake for the bridal couple.  But once I slowed the craft show train and finally got off, the call for custom wedding toppers seemed to stop.  That is until I got an email from Robin & Debbie who are getting married in June.  They got my name from a mutual friend and wondered if I could create something to fulfill their desire for something different, not run of the mill “wedding”.  ABSOLUTELY!  I jumped in with both feet.

We had a breakfast meeting where I showed them what I actually do in terms of design: more of a caricature using details unique to the couple.  ImageI asked questions and they supplied the details including fabric swatches so I can get the colors correct.  I think it is safe to say we all left the meeting excited about the project.


Between the time we had our meeting and the time I actually started creating the couple, other wedding party details were added: gifts for the wedding party 🙂  After throwing out multiple possibilities, mosaic boxes became the gift of choice.  I got to work on those first as I knew they would take a good amount of time to detail.  8 boxes later I was ready to start on the topper.  I won’t show you a step by step of the process.  Instead I will post a few teaser pictures.  Trust me when I say the beginning pictures will be met with “ummmm, nice??”, but the end result will be a beautiful couple.

IMG_0034 In the beginning, we have a base and feet.  Everything will be built from this base and then baked as a whole.  I know that is shocking to the bulk of my polymer clay friends, but it allows me to tweak as I go along (for instance, after I added these feet I discovered the shoes needed to be a different design…OFF with the old and on with the new!)

IMG_0035 A head and neck are a must!  Once attached all seams are smoothed and it is time to create the face.  A pinch here, a pull there, and a poke for the eyes to be placed and the face is starting to come together.


I will have to leave what is to come to your imaginations until tomorrow.  For now I wish you a creative day 🙂












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