It’s a Hairy Day: Extruder Magic

Hair starts the design day today.  Years ago I used to roll the strands by hand.  L-O-N-G strands and then individually cut them to length.  Then I was introduced to the EXTRUDER.  Oh my goodness, put the clay, add a disc, and extrude multiple long strands of “hair” in a minute or 2. IMG_0062 WooHoo 😀

Now instead of adding pieces one at a time I can line up 5-6 and then drape them in place.  Once the basic hairline has been applied it is time for a haircut.


One layer of hair is never full enough.  A layer of bangs on top of the base layer will thicken her “do”.  Do you see her personality begin to emerge as the hair is applied and styled??  (NOTE: Don’t let the white eyes distract/distress you…they will be painted after baking)


Now that she is perfectly coiffed, it is time to don the tuxedo jacket and rings.  Once complete, her mate can begin to take shape.



















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