Time To Get Dressed

GETTING EXCITED!!  The wedding couple is almost complete 🙂  Final touches are looming, but tuxedos must be donned first. 

Since this is a custom piece I really don’t have a set pattern for creating.  I look at lots of pictures, front and back views, and then start creating. 

Image     Image

The back comes first.  Thankfully both are wearing the same style, so I only have to create a template once and then cut the second.  The sides come next.  Once one side was cut to fit I checked to make sure the measurements would work for both figures.  Good match, so 3 more are cut out.  The sides are carefully fit up against the back edges and smoothed into place.  Image

Time for the collar and buttons…lots of trimming, placement, more trimming, and placement.  Finally the collars are both on.  Sleeves are attached to the arms and they are placed.  Pocket squares are placed in the front pockets.  Debbie’s “skirt” look is turned into a pair of pants.  And finally they are positioned before baking. 


Eyes will be painted hazel after baking ( I promise no zombie eyes for the cake top!).  I am looking so forward to the couple’s reactions, but that will have to wait for tomorrow when it is delivered.































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