POP Art Middle School Style

By Linda

In my role as an art teacher I change hats from day to day.  On Monday, I wear my Middle School hat starting with 5th grade and then traveling through the day with 6th, 8th, and then finishing with 7th.   As you can imagine, it is an action packed day!

I introduce my students to many artists, past & present throughout the year.  One of my favorite projects this year was based around the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein.  My 6th graders looked at his work and took it apart layer by layer.  Then we recreated our own versions of Pop Art beginning with a wood board, paint, paper, foam core, and the most exciting material…Creative PaperClay®.  Visit http://creativepaperclay.blogspot.com/2018/07/pop-art-brought-to-life-with-creative.html to see the whole project and some of the amazing art that my students created!

This is sure to become a yearly favorite lesson…now all I need is someone to cut the boards for me.  Any volunteers??

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